The metaphorical meaning of flappy bird

If you haven’t heard of flappy bird , well then I envy you . Simply put it is the new craze sweeping the worldwide web and has in fact become so popular and addictive that the creator had to remove it from being downloaded. As I was playing it this morning I began to contemplate the deeper meaning behind it all (this is what hunger , boredom and procrastination does to me)

Flappy bird

In truth we are all that little poor flappy bird trying our best to get through the massive hurdles of life and every time we start over it proves our persistence. Life isn’t just going to let you fly by without a hitch and if you make it far enough and then come to an obstacle it just means that route wasn’t the one for you. There’s nothing you can do about it accept keep your head (wings) held up high , soldier on and try again . It is a perpetual vicious cycle and those with high scores are going to be the high flyers in both flappy bird and life , but then there’s always me sitting with 4 as my high score .

So the above statement was just a huge waste of time , flappy bird was truly created by Satan and has terrible graphics . My advice is to live and let go , moving on is the only way forward.


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