The different types of teachers

This year I have been blessed , if you might say , with a range of exceedingly different educators chosen to hand down their wealth of knowledge to the painfully bored-out-of-their-mind human being before them, known as:me . It occurred to me , while they all might have the same job , that being to put me to sleep or pull all my hair out , they all endeavour to go about doing it in so many different , yet equally annoying ways ( I will avoid mentioning names as I do not wish to be sued someday, these are just generalised views)



Also known as the constant complainer. When will teachers understand that we don’t necessarily care about their personal lives , unless we want to waste time in class. So teachers I know your life is hard having to stand up and impart wisdom all day but we really don’t need you rehash your financial or home problems , save it for your shrink.


Okay , so there comes a type in every students life where you get a new teacher , so young and fresh out of college ,so much so , that taking advantage of her goodwill , is as easy as taking candy from a baby . Sure during those odd moments that I have a conscious , I feel bad for not doing my work , or slyly convincing my teacher that her job is pointless and we should all just bring cake and get fat , but then I remember all the other students hard at work and it gives me great joy to know I am not one of them.


I can’t be the only one who has a teacher who thinks they walk on water or know every facet of the human mind . We understand that you are older and therefore wiser and know more but honestly cut the act and just teach us what we need to know . If you were really better than us all why aren’t you a rocket scientist or something cool , instead you earn measly pay for teaching disinterested children. - Endless Entertainment & Humor


It’s always nice to have that one teacher who is like a second mother , she comforts you when you do badly on a test an reprimands you when you need it . They might not be the best at their job , but they sure as hell make you feel loved.



I think this type is my favourite , their minds are in so many different places at once , that the conversation could go anywhere , really and the best part : they forget that they gave you homework in the first place.


My theory with most teachers is that they came back to school to torture young minds as a form of revenge or an outlet for anger , but there really is always that one teacher who smiles when they know they can punish you . It is actually pretty sadistic to think about but I guess we should cut them some slack as they are deeply troubled human beings but then again screw that DIE DIE DIE

yup, f**k u teacher


This year I have two cool and funny teachers , one male and one female and I am trying my best to play matchmaker . This type is oh so rare like that strange blood type . A teacher who teaches well , let’s you voice your opinion , makes you laugh and the best part let’s you throw parties ever so often. Cherish this type while you have them.


Those are just a few of the types I have come across this year , but if you have anymore feel free to tell me all about it in the comments

Also this is what teachers would look like in a perfect world:





10 responses to “The different types of teachers”

  1. Oh, I LOOOOOVVEEE your pix for ultimate teachers! Awesome. I pick you to be on the hiring board!

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