Why hello there reader , I don’t usually do special requests in my blog I just do whatever I want to but I have made an exception . This post dedicated to Shekha Leila Makan for turning 17 364 days before me. She is certainly a unique and eccentric character , also known as an acquired taste , the major defining factor being she has the mental age of a 5 year old but is wise beyond her years , oh and she doesn’t like hugs either . Her only birthday request was that I write her an essay on friendship and why I should qualify to be her friend , at first I was like hell no , who needs this waste of time but decided to please her anyway. So without further ado here is my perspective:

Friendship means something different to everyone , to me it means caring for another human being and being able to insult them , make them laugh and vent to them. To you it means having seen each other half naked. You’re probably going to contradict everything I write , in your head but I have accepted that and that alone makes me tolerant of your evident flaws . You can go through life as a solo high-flyer and sure you might even end up being rather successful but a gap will always linger and this gap is friendship.

Throughout history men and woman have each had a confidant a companion if you will , who helped them get through the phenomenon of life and with tolerance , their time and respect given , people are were able to cope with pressures and expectations.

Imagine not having a shoulder to cry on ( not that you’d ever cry , though you should cry while reading this because man am I a sweetheart) or a friend cheering you on the side-lines. Technological advances may be there to soften the blow but it doesn’t hurt to have someone to count on.

To you dependence on another may be considered weak and undesired but the ability to love and care for someone makes you stronger and more motivated , the human race would not survive if we all chose the solo life.

So why would I , dear old me qualify as your friend? This my friend ( yes I consider you a friend) is only a question you can answer , however I could give you a few reasons to help jog your memory.

I posses the ability to make you laugh uncontrollably ( well then again so does anything really) but an expression of euphoria directly proportional to my words has got to count for something. Whether it is in my blog or I.T my underdeveloped senses of humour appeals to your nature and hey the more endorphins released the better.

In a round about way I inspire you , your blog needed some form of motivation and I think mine did just that . Despite me not having you level of intellect , my ability to write useless rubbish and post it on the internet inspires you.

I care about you , never mind the that you insult me half my life , I still care . HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY SHEKHA , I hope you’re not as close to death as you think . Plus if you say I am your friend I will give you more cake .

This isn’t a 1000 words because honestly who even has time for that , so instead here is a visual representation :

shekha as the joker and yours truly as the damsel in distress
shekha as the joker and yours truly as the damsel in distress

One response to “Friendship”

  1. Why, I hate how well you know me. You correctly noted my contradictory attitude but the mere fact that you took the pains of composing this piece cannot go without due recognition. Congratulations on your promotion to the status “friend”. PS: What with the misspelling of my middle name, Laila (and the fact that you chose to include it at all, really), you might have me second-guessing my rationale (or lack thereof).

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