16 and…… not pregnant

February 5th 1998 , Thursday : a blogger was born

me as a little potato looking thing
me as a little potato looking thing


Yes If you haven’t guessed by now , today happens to be my 16th birthday . But I wont be getting pregnant and popping out a few babies or driving off with a new car after a super sweet 16 , in true MTV reality TV fashion . Instead I must attend school and well write a physics test , oh the joy .

Acc0rding to most people I should be excited to be 16 as it a pinnacle moment in my life , a milestone if you will . Honestly it just means I have a whole year to continue evading death after successfully doing so for 15 troublesome years. Nevertheless I am going to try and make the most of it seeing as how everybody suddenly remembers you when your day of birth annually comes around.

The thing I am most excited about is finally getting a job , part-time of course , but I am now of legal couldn’t be more happy to start lining my pockets with my measly income . A few years back I also promised myself I would start caring about my body and what I eat when I turn 16 but with the cake I just got , I am highly doubtful :

how amazing is this and it's mine , all mine !
how amazing is this and it’s mine , all mine !


It is indeed modelled after my favourite book The Fault in our stars by John Green and well its the only cake I have ever had made for my birthday and it couldn’t be more perfect. All in all I hope this day and year will be slightly more life changing and entertaining , I mean that’s how it works in T.V shows right , they start off at 16 and then major things happen ? Here’s to wishful thinking and happy birthday to me

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