The file dabacle

As the first day of school looms nearer , I have began preparing my battle supplies , covering them in their suits of armour , labelling them so that in case they get lost our wounded back to their owner it may be returned and packing them away until their unique usage may be utilised . But there is one supply in particular whose purpose is greater than all : The dreaded General File

Said file contains my life as a student , notes , loose pages and file dividers for every subject and so it calls for a special suit of armour Last year on my quest to find a true garment worthy of the file I uncovered a new idea ( it isn’t even really new , just new to me) . It was decided that i would coat it with beautiful pictures that resembled my interests and accomplishments ( basically pretty pictures of london , paris and new york and the odd few miscellaneous pictures from my photography endeavours) . After long hours hard at work the masterpiece was complete .

Now this year I decided to try and recreate such genius and here lies my fault , I was nothing more than a one hit wonder . I encountered countless problems , upside down wrapping , distasteful pictures and wrinkled contact paper . Now here I am disappointed and forced to make use of an improper suit of armour for the rest of the year . This is a big commitment : one whole year to stare upon and make use of , day in and day out .

Now I am stuck with my own foolishness and discontent with no one to blame but myself . I have let you down file , I have let you down.

P.S this is what I blog about because my life is a wasteland of abandoned hopes and dreams wallowing in the only thing I am even remotely good at : school . So no commitment issues with a boyfriend but instead accepting the flaws of a file cover . I don’t exactly know how I got to this point in my life but I am here and doing the best to salvage the situation .

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