2013 in a nutshell

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve come to that part of the year again where the end is near , almost here in fact and I thought I might take my own spin on the awardees this year. This list may or may not be very very biased.

well why don’t we get started then ? drum roll please

Song of the Year – this was a toughie for me because there have been so many hits (great or not) and well how could I chose just one ? so I rounded it up to two , one for the first 6 months and another for the next. Starting us of would be – Thrift Shop by Macklemore , what ,what,what,what ? this was single handedly the theme song on a trip with my best friends and one of the most watched videos of the year. Secondly we have the infamous oh you know it’s coming Wrecking ball by miley cyrus. Granted the video was provocative to say the least but the lyrics were catchy and perfect for that post break up melodrama.

Macklemore music rapper wallpaper | (59172)<3 :DD | via Facebook

Movie of the year – to be honest 2013 was a bit of a bust when it came to blockbusters … which means most of the movies pretty much sucked ! But I musted up the courage and picked one , biased as always : The Hunger Games : Catching Fire . Now for one I am a major tribute ( in normal human words – a big fan) and I thought the movies was simply amazing. Don’t agree? screw you

Book of the Year – The one and only magnificent piece of literature ” The Fault in our stars ” – John Green. No book made more rounds among twitter quite like this one amongst teenage girls and even some middleaged females. So if you haven’t read it , then get up of your ass and do so accordingly and plus if you’re as lazy as I think you are , the movie will be out on June 6th. P.S keep tissues handy

I feel like singing when I see you | via Tumblr

Actress of the year – Jennifer Lawrence , my absolute girl crush made the world go crazy winning an Oscar at 23 and wells starring in the best movies in existence. Go figure J-law I hope to see you a lot more in the future.


Actor of the year- no one quite deserved this accolade this year

Whackjob of the year – I would give this to everybody’s  good girl gone bad Miley Cyrus but I want to award this to the actress who ruined my childhood Amanda Bynes , who incidentally is Schizophrenic which explains those love-hate tweets , but alas I hope the troubled star gets some much needed help.


game of the year- candy crush of course , in fact you’re probably still playing this colossal waste of time.

social network of the year – Instagram , yeah I am much more of a twitter person myself but hey where else are adolescent girls gonna post their food,coffee and selfies?

Performer of the year – Miley , Miley , Miley you little twerker you . Much deserved I say , she wanted attention and she sure as hell got it.


Confession of the year- Tom Daley this goes to you , for playing for the other team . Some might have expected it but not me.

Natural Disaster- this one might be a little sadistic , but the Philippines’ and their rampalian wretch of  typhoon take the cake. I shall now resume praying for those who have suffered and you should do the same.

Political stunt – Hey American government ? you back in business ?Yeah the whole shutting down thing was a little  over the top don’t you think?

What the fox says?!

Viral sensation – do I even need to point this one out : the damn harlem shake that everyone had their turn at.

Teenage post

Tragedies – So this part is my least favourite but it must be said : R.I.P Cory Monteith , Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela. It’s been one hell of a year in terms of loss and for once I hope 2014 doesn’t follow suit.

Cory monteith UntitledR.I.P

Okay I think I’m pretty much done , let me know you agree and farewell 2013 , you went by so quickly.

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