Writers block and bitter sweet farewells

Here I am in that deep dark chasm of nothingness after my creativity was literally sucked out from my brain and I can not entertain what few readers I have aquired with my undying love for the written word. Alas here I am trying my best to scrounge up what few slivers of genius I may have left.

If you didn’t know this already I am proudly South African and my nation has suffered a great loss recently. Yes,  you know it I am talking about the tragic passing of an icon,  a revolutionary Nelson Mandela. Honestly,  I didn’t grow up under the apartheid regime and therefore cannot do this man justice,  all I can say is that,  I owe my freedom to him and many other selfless fighters. All the world has joined in my country’s mourning as one the last few decent human beings have left us.  I’d like to think he lived a full life dying at the ripe old age of 95 and was able to see our nation flourish. Rest in peace Tata ❤


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