Things I don’t like about my generation

Firstly , I am 15 and not exactly too sure into which category of a generation in which I fall in , but I am starting to think it is possibly the worst generation of all time , and if we’re so downright intolerable , what does that say for the future ?


If you haven’t seen these hashtags or phrases floating around you’re too old to be reading this , please leave. I am absolutely revolted when I come across such things despite the fact that I am a hypocrite who occasionally takes selfies ( which by the way , the word has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, talk about degrading). What is SWAG apart from a word used to make teenage boys and girls feel superior or cool? if anyone has a proper definition , please do enlighten me. No dear child screaming YOLO as an excuse to do stupid things , you live everyday , you only die once #YODO.

Set Phasers to LOL: So Start Using the Correct Term - Cheezburger

2.Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

Two pop sensations who started of as nothing more than innocent kids with a dream of being famous and what do we have today ? a tattooed arrestee and  advocate for provocative dressing and behaviour, who’s influence on teenagers is off the charts( get it?  I am punny , because they’re singers.. pop charts ? no? okay). These are the role models we have to look up to and sadly despite obvious reasons not to look up to them , we have mindless beliebers and what ever miley fans call themselves ( I could not be bothered to check).


3. shortening of words

Please tell me how hard it is to type ‘because’ instead of ‘cuz’ and please don’t blame twitter for shortening , I manage just fine .

4. snapbacks , nerd glasses , moustaches and short shorts

I’d like to start in the words of Coco Chanel ” fashion fades but style is eternal”, firs up why weren’t nerd glasses cool in the 80’s , instead kids go beat up for wearing them … now kids get beat up if they don’t , oh the irony. I for one cant stand snapbacks , I feel it endorses gansterism and just looks plain stupid or ghetto. I cannot for the life of me understand why moustaches are considered fashionable … you’re either shaving / waxing it off not wearing it on a t-shirt. And lastly for the infamous short shorts , sorry girls but no one wants to see your butt cheeks , cover them up.

can’t you tell how nerdy she is?


5. we never go out and experience life 

here I am guilty to this offence , my life literally revolves around twitter , tumblr , my blog , wifi , youtubers and food , if I can help it, a sunset is a picture on instagram or weheartit. We live our lives through technology without actually experiencing it , which is pretty detrimental for our health , apart from dying of cancer due to insane amounts of radiation , we’re also destroying our beautiful earth!


6. Obsessed with beauty

Don’t even get me started on this one , my previous post : beauty is in the eye 0f the beholder , basically sums up my deep infuriating feelings on the matter.


I think I have done enough ranting for one day , if you do share my sentiments , let me know .. otherwise go on being the pretentious little teenager I know you are.

2 responses to “Things I don’t like about my generation”


    I couldn’t agree more; our generation has become undeniably shallow and celebrates “icons” like Justin and Miley instead of investing more in the future through experiences and personal growth.

    Really nice blog! 🙂

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