Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Now if you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in a while it could quite possibly be due to the fact that the summer holidays have began and I am out living the teenage dream , going out , having a social life and none of that is true. My only accomplishments thus far would include receiving a huge “I heart wifi” shirt , waking up at 11 and watching insane amounts of TV, I am in for a truly adventure filled summer.

However I did spend some time with my family yesterday and I made some unpleasant observations. I am not naïve and I do understand that we live in  a world obsessed with beauty and perfection but I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the ludicrous concept.

So we did what all clichéd women do , SHOPPED. I don’t consider myself a tomboy , I love fashion as much as the next girl but I refuse to plaster myself with make- up or painfully endure high heels. An outsider is what I felt like, watching them engage in meaningless conversation regarding the best cosmetics or new brand name or compare the size of their thighs (mine included). Silently , I looked on trying to cover up the fact that I was going to explode watching them obsess over ‘the prettiest shade of pink blush’ . why cant we all just wear pretty things with any body type and be happy? but then I realised I am a realist some time and pessimist 90% of the time. Tumblr

For  a moment I wondered what they thought of me , short , average weight , curly mess of hair always pulled into a bun and no thigh gap ( OH THE HORROR). While drinking my favourite cappuccino with chocolate cream , my aunt turned to me and said ‘surely you must watch your weight’ and the look on her face when I said “no , not at all really” was pure blend  of horror and pity.About that thigh gap

There’s no point in denying that I judge people too ,  I mean just look at this post , I just have the sense to keep it to yourself. My mum always said ‘if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all’ and people wonder why I am so quiet around them. Also when did being smart become a bad thing ?

As cynical as this may sound , we live in a messed up world and it isn’t going to change anytime soon , but don’t let that stop you from embracing who you really are , butt just keep it on the internet , after all what is tumblr for ?

Love is kind ♡

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