My journalistic attempts

When I was about 13 I told I expressed an interest in becoming a journalist to my mum , who politely told me to forget this dream and focus on things in the real world . Oh yeah I am from a so called practical family , nevertheless nothing is stopping me from blogging about news on this platform , so I’m going to take a break from my pathetic advice giving and boring detailed explanations about my life to supply you with some much needed world news ( celebs are of course included , pssht it wouldn’t be me otherwise)

1.Paul Walker’s tragic death

If you haven’t already heard about this , I am assuming you don’t have twitter or in other words no connection to the outside world. The star aged 40 , was involved in a fatal car accident and was believed to have been the passenger , now I know what you’re thinking ” hah a the guy from fast and furious died in a car accident , oh the irony” I did the exact same thing before realising he’s still a person and not a character. He left behind a 15 year old daughter . Sources also state that despite the tragic loss “Fast and Furious 7” will still go on but remain delayed and not scraped completely. I for one grew up watching the billion dollar franchise , whilst also seeing Paul star in some of my favourite 90’s teen movies. He will be missed and always be in the hearts of those he touched with his charity work and talent as an actor.

I had tears in my eyes

On to a lighter note yet still equally as heartbreaking to teenage girls everywhere


yes ladies the sexy British gold medallist is playing for the other team . The diver came out in a heart felt youtube video ( and at the same time left string of hopeful girls heartbroken. I don’t know about you , but lately all these famous hot guys are ending up gay and it brought up all my buried feelings of Troye Sivan’s coming out video. All I have to say is that guys , you are damn lucky.Dayum

I thought it best to brush up on my world and local headlines in order to continue this blog post but at the same time I was completely and utterly mortified. We certainly do live in a completely messed up world. I was almost reduced to tears reading up on how many people were murdered in this past week , and I didn’t even know them. So I decided I was going to end of with something that makes me happy : technological innovations

3. The PS4

I am not a boy or a video gamer thing but apparently the PS4 is beyond amazing  seeing as it is the fastest selling console in the UK. Now I’m not usually very picky when it comes to looks but I like pretty things and I’m sad to say I was disappointed with this fat black box. Maybe the specs make up for it ? I am not gonna pretend to understand anything and all I have to say is “cool , yeah the graphics seem cool and oooooh internet and movies , yay!” Any techno-geeks out there , I am sorry that I am so completely uneducated on the topic but I do hope you have fun playing

the features:Power To Perform

And thus concludes my journalistic attempts. I probably won’t attempt another one of these anytime soon but I do want my typewriter so I can feel all vintage and reporter-y. Have a good week 🙂Google Image Result for

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