Today, I thought I might blog about that ever so elusive and unexplainable feeling of “meh”, and well do my best to explain the unexplainable. One thing I assure you is isn’t, is depression.

Have you ever jut come to a point in your life where you’re dissatisfied , on the borderline of denial and acceptance? well here lies “meh” the confused inbetweener struggling to come to terms with life’s predicaments.

Here are a few things that made me feel MEH lately:

  1. exam marks

I know I didn’t have that many to begin with but nevertheless they’re equally as daunting and dissatisfying. it leaves me feeling lost and questioning my future , and all I want to do I curl up in a ball , with a years supply of coffee cupcakes.

    2. family squabbles

unfortunately I have been cursed with a head-strong and incredibly stubborn personality so engaging is a fight with my mum or siblings (both of which have happened recently) doesn’t ever end in my favour. I find myself doing something irrational like going on a hunger strike or blogging about my feelings to complete strangers instead of facing my problems.

     3. Dylan O’Brien

Just recently I read a highly entertaining blogpost by a friend of mine ( discussing why people are hot and well why others are NOT! Now I’m sure you’re wondering why would Dylan O’Brien make me feel “meh” well that my dear friend is because he is not mine. After watching him in “The Internship” display above average intellect and a smouldering , chiselled physique , it occurred to me that he is the perfect package ….. A SEXY NERD

ImageNow , here I am on my downward spiral of meh-ness contemplating life and my purpose and over- exaggerating every aspect of my life. Welcome to meh the only cure is a social life and basic human interaction and sadly I don’t have one and dislike the other , respectively.



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