dum , dum , taaaaa EXAMS ARE OVER

Hello there , I honestly have no right to be celebrating the end of that horrendous period of our lives ( the whole measles thing) but oh well I am doing it anyway regardless of the fact that my marks are being manufactured out of thin air.

exam week finishes it's over. it's finally over - Frodo | Meme Generator

Today, I planned party for my I.T class ( I do an 8th subject , go ahead, I can feel you calling me a nerd right now)  and it was in some dimension, a success. We had food and drinks and my choice of entertainment 30 seconds. Do you know how everybody wishes for that really cool teacher that doesn’t really exist ? Yeah well he does , he’s relatively young , incredibly funny and sarcastic , I am able to discuss my favourite TV shows and personal favourite , he lets you eat during a test (as unrealistic as that may sound , it is true) We have two parts to the class , the front, filled with quiet anti-social or some might say about as interesting as a doorknob(meanness intended) and the back, featuring yours truly and 3 other equally ( or more insane) friends of mine. Somehow we wormed our way on to our teachers team and of course were triumphant( I may or may not have an obsession with general knowledge).

the closest thing to a cool teacher:

ezraSo basically exams are over ? and you get your mark back , cry a little and move on. But you never forget the sheer sensation after they say pens down after your last paper and you go home and what do you do ? You fry your brains catching up on a TV series , get tempted to burn all your notes ( I do NOT advise this) but mostly stuff your face and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Finally though I close a new chapter in my life grade 10 , you were fun , incredibly daunting , crazy , new and interesting. Here’s to grade 11 , year 11 or junior year (whatever you want to call it)

Awkward's Photos | via Facebook


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