tremoring in fear

In my 15 years of living in South Africa I have never encountered anything close to an earthquake and I have always been fascinated by them , but today , today all that changed. I sound as if I experienced the actual thing , but honestly I just heard about it after school but nevertheless it sent my geomorphological tingles into a whiz. Today at around 10, Johannesburg experienced a tremor that measured 4 on the richter scale and was felt mainly in the CBD(central business district) for about 10-15 seconds. Sure it didn’t last long but according to seizemologist(the guys who know everything about earthquakes and shiz)claim that after such a tremor, there is a high likelihood that an even bigger one might follow (here’s hoping) I sound incredibly evil wishing for ultimate destruction but honestly ? South Africa has been playing it safe for far too long and it the words of Trevor Noah ” South Africa is so behind , we don’t even have natural disasters” is that going to change ? Who knows … *que destructive music*


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