To all those studying out there , this one is for you

So I basically just sounded like a radio presenter dedicating a song to you guys . Final exams are upon us here in the southern hemisphere where we end school in December ( like regular people) and guess what guys? They’re almost over , that last hurdle , the last straw before crossing over the finish line and getting your marks back and re-evaluating your existence (yeah , that took a turn for the worst didn’t it) I am a firm believer that getting your marks back is a whole lot more daunting than actually writing the exam and this year is extra strange for me. I missed 7 exams because I had German measles (most regular people get this a child) and if you didn’t know , it is highly contagious so I was banished into the confinement of my bedroom with only myself and the internet to keep me company , but it doesn’t end there does it? after a week of pretty much vegetating, I had to get up and study for my remaining three exams (talk about a downer). Which leaves me here, procrastinatinating as usual and I will probably fail ( haha kidding , maybe).

Back to the point , I just wanted to say hang in there , we’re almost done and there’s no going back now, you did your best ( I hope) and you can’t change anything now , can you? ( if you can , I envy you , but you don’t exist so never mind)

And now for a totally clichéd picture that sums up my life :




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