Relationship advice from a single pringle

The irony of me doing this topic on my blog is incalculable and is most certainly leaping of this page, seeing as I have no experience whatsoever, but then the thought occurred to me , I have watched an insane amount of movies and watched those around me go through tumultuous situations and therefore have a PHD in the matter. Below will be a list of scenarios and my advice on the matter

1. unrequited love

I think everybody goes through this phase at least once in their life , unless you’re really pretty , then I hate you and don’t read this anymore. But I guess you just need to let go and not become a super stalker crazy person. Apparently there is someone for everybody and have faith that you’re still going to find your someone and they’re going to be ten times better, or not then cat lady it is or cat man , whatever suits your fancy , I don’t judge.

Me these days 😓

2. heartbroken

If this is common to you , then I’m truly sorry but don’t make a big deal out of it . Most of the time you draw negative attention to yourself by behaving like a whiny 2 year old and yeah it must hurt like hell , but nothing is forever , in time and with loads of comfort food, things will get better or you could just punch the living daylights out of the douche , that helps too.

this is my equivalent to being heartbroken :

wi-fi is a girl's bestfriend ☠

3. Long distance

It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder , so if you’re unfortunately far away from your better half make the most of todays technology. Today it’s a lot easier with social networks and Skype and facetime. If it’s meant to be you’ll pull through but don’t make these living arrangements permanent, because then you’re doomed.Distance

4. friendzoned

I see you there nodding away , ahh yeah the most dreaded off all , sorry guys but there really is no escape to this one , make the most of it ? at least you’re still friends or end the relationship completely.Ouch

so yeah that’s just my opinion on a few scenarios and it’s pretty much rubbish that came to me at the top of my head , but at least if it made you smile , I know I did my job , soo all you lovers out there , chin up 🙂


Leadership training

I feel lost with the blogging world which is ironic since school is basically over, but I guess you could say I had some semblance of a social life in light of recent events. My family from overseas randomly popped over and I’ve been spending every waking moment with them , while still being a nerd and attending school.

Today was the most tiring of all and here’s why :

At my school we don’t have ordinary prefects , we have different departments subdivided into categories based on their duties and we’re called “leaders”. After applying, I landed the position of an HR in case you’re wondering , yes that stands for human resources and basically my job entails bossing around other learners when their uniform or conduct is inappropriate. Sounds like fun right? except for the part where everyone hates you and you’re on show 24/7. Nevertheless I did sign up for the daunting task and had to attend a mandatory leadership training seminar kinda thing.Ořıgìňąłĺý


It took place today from 12pm to 7pm and to sum it up in one sentence I’d say it was 7 hours of life orientation and watching a dog poop twice. Not exactly a regular day. We started of with boring lectures telling us how important we are and moved on to individual sessions with teachers.

Interestingly enough I learnt a lot about myself and what kind of person I am in certain situations and it was a real eye opener. I found out that I am a ‘cow’ during conflicts and no , it’s not what you’re thinking. A cow is someone who likes to keep the peace and gives in but gets treated like a doormat and eventually unleashes pent up frustration with disastrous results ( how’s that for intense?) , I’m currently worried about my state of mind and have decided to stand up for myself more often.

Oh yeah and my principals dog was there , his name is Maximus Reginald but he’s a small little buggar who sees a floor and thinks it’s a toilet.

I’d say I’m in for a long and hard year in grade 11 but I also need to relax and celebrate the impending summer holidays , I’m also really sad that my favourite tv shows are going on breaks and I’m sitting at home this holiday while others jet off to exotic locations :(. Watch the youtube video by Troye Sivan , ‘summer: Expectations vs. reality’ he gets me.Troye Sivan (troyesivan) on Twitter Troye and his dainty hands while he sleeps.



catching fire surely is catching my fire

so lately I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit and I have just reasons I assure you ( will explain in next post) but more importantly I WATCHED CATCHING FIRE and to say the least, it was beyond amazing.

I really hate it when movie producers warp the book into their own little story and distort all my favourite characters , but thankfully catching fire stayed very true to the book. I got to delve into Katniss and Peeta’s new lives as victors and got to see waaaaaaay more of a President Snow ( he has got to be the coolest guy in existence) oh there was more Gale tooo (I’m not his biggest fan). but most importantly the movie introduced us to the one and only Finnick O’dair (sam claflin) who couldn’t have been casted any better , one for being incredibly good looking and two for being able to portray his character with such emption and depth. I wish I could get offered a sugar cube (tributes would get this). So if you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you get of your little buts and get a move on because the sooner the better. Oh and if you haven’t read the book… that cliff-hanger is going to get you good.

Finnick Odai



Today, I thought I might blog about that ever so elusive and unexplainable feeling of “meh”, and well do my best to explain the unexplainable. One thing I assure you is isn’t, is depression.

Have you ever jut come to a point in your life where you’re dissatisfied , on the borderline of denial and acceptance? well here lies “meh” the confused inbetweener struggling to come to terms with life’s predicaments.

Here are a few things that made me feel MEH lately:

  1. exam marks

I know I didn’t have that many to begin with but nevertheless they’re equally as daunting and dissatisfying. it leaves me feeling lost and questioning my future , and all I want to do I curl up in a ball , with a years supply of coffee cupcakes.

    2. family squabbles

unfortunately I have been cursed with a head-strong and incredibly stubborn personality so engaging is a fight with my mum or siblings (both of which have happened recently) doesn’t ever end in my favour. I find myself doing something irrational like going on a hunger strike or blogging about my feelings to complete strangers instead of facing my problems.

     3. Dylan O’Brien

Just recently I read a highly entertaining blogpost by a friend of mine ( discussing why people are hot and well why others are NOT! Now I’m sure you’re wondering why would Dylan O’Brien make me feel “meh” well that my dear friend is because he is not mine. After watching him in “The Internship” display above average intellect and a smouldering , chiselled physique , it occurred to me that he is the perfect package ….. A SEXY NERD

ImageNow , here I am on my downward spiral of meh-ness contemplating life and my purpose and over- exaggerating every aspect of my life. Welcome to meh the only cure is a social life and basic human interaction and sadly I don’t have one and dislike the other , respectively.


dum , dum , taaaaa EXAMS ARE OVER

Hello there , I honestly have no right to be celebrating the end of that horrendous period of our lives ( the whole measles thing) but oh well I am doing it anyway regardless of the fact that my marks are being manufactured out of thin air.

exam week finishes it's over. it's finally over - Frodo | Meme Generator

Today, I planned party for my I.T class ( I do an 8th subject , go ahead, I can feel you calling me a nerd right now)  and it was in some dimension, a success. We had food and drinks and my choice of entertainment 30 seconds. Do you know how everybody wishes for that really cool teacher that doesn’t really exist ? Yeah well he does , he’s relatively young , incredibly funny and sarcastic , I am able to discuss my favourite TV shows and personal favourite , he lets you eat during a test (as unrealistic as that may sound , it is true) We have two parts to the class , the front, filled with quiet anti-social or some might say about as interesting as a doorknob(meanness intended) and the back, featuring yours truly and 3 other equally ( or more insane) friends of mine. Somehow we wormed our way on to our teachers team and of course were triumphant( I may or may not have an obsession with general knowledge).

the closest thing to a cool teacher:

ezraSo basically exams are over ? and you get your mark back , cry a little and move on. But you never forget the sheer sensation after they say pens down after your last paper and you go home and what do you do ? You fry your brains catching up on a TV series , get tempted to burn all your notes ( I do NOT advise this) but mostly stuff your face and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Finally though I close a new chapter in my life grade 10 , you were fun , incredibly daunting , crazy , new and interesting. Here’s to grade 11 , year 11 or junior year (whatever you want to call it)

Awkward's Photos | via Facebook

tremoring in fear

In my 15 years of living in South Africa I have never encountered anything close to an earthquake and I have always been fascinated by them , but today , today all that changed. I sound as if I experienced the actual thing , but honestly I just heard about it after school but nevertheless it sent my geomorphological tingles into a whiz. Today at around 10, Johannesburg experienced a tremor that measured 4 on the richter scale and was felt mainly in the CBD(central business district) for about 10-15 seconds. Sure it didn’t last long but according to seizemologist(the guys who know everything about earthquakes and shiz)claim that after such a tremor, there is a high likelihood that an even bigger one might follow (here’s hoping) I sound incredibly evil wishing for ultimate destruction but honestly ? South Africa has been playing it safe for far too long and it the words of Trevor Noah ” South Africa is so behind , we don’t even have natural disasters” is that going to change ? Who knows … *que destructive music*

To all those studying out there , this one is for you

So I basically just sounded like a radio presenter dedicating a song to you guys . Final exams are upon us here in the southern hemisphere where we end school in December ( like regular people) and guess what guys? They’re almost over , that last hurdle , the last straw before crossing over the finish line and getting your marks back and re-evaluating your existence (yeah , that took a turn for the worst didn’t it) I am a firm believer that getting your marks back is a whole lot more daunting than actually writing the exam and this year is extra strange for me. I missed 7 exams because I had German measles (most regular people get this a child) and if you didn’t know , it is highly contagious so I was banished into the confinement of my bedroom with only myself and the internet to keep me company , but it doesn’t end there does it? after a week of pretty much vegetating, I had to get up and study for my remaining three exams (talk about a downer). Which leaves me here, procrastinatinating as usual and I will probably fail ( haha kidding , maybe).

Back to the point , I just wanted to say hang in there , we’re almost done and there’s no going back now, you did your best ( I hope) and you can’t change anything now , can you? ( if you can , I envy you , but you don’t exist so never mind)

And now for a totally clichéd picture that sums up my life :



bored , are you? let me help

I would like to call myself an expert in this field seeing as how I have spent 99% of my existence having to endure this unsatisfying feeling . So instead of leaving you to follow in my miserable footsteps I’d like to share some of my wisdom with you other lost souls out there ( I sure hope someone reads this)

Here are 6(yes 6 and not 5 because well I just felt like it) sure-fire ways to conquer boredom:

  1. go to this magical place called and checkout some of my favourite youtubers such as , Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan, Jacksgap, Marcus Butler , Alfie Deyes , Grace Helbig, Jim Chapman , Joe Sugg and many many more. I guarantee they will keep you occupied and humorously satisfied for hours.lscas

2.EAT FOOD , boredom is often mistaken for hunger , so appease your stomach and have at it. Sure you might feel bad about indulging but who cares?

3.Have a movie or TV series marathon. There is a reason these were made now make use of themmar

4.Go outside and soak up some Vitamin D (Unless it’s really cold where you live , then make a snowman? Yeah sorry)

5.STALK TILL DAWN. Social media sites have made it incredibly easy to sit back relax and stalk loved ones (or not) legally and from the comfort of your own bed . It is satisfying socially and mentally and you might learn a few helpful pieces of informationstalk

6.START A BLOG (kind of what I just did)


If you have stumbled upon my blog , welcome you are now my subject dear, dear friend. If you haven’t noticed by the title I am highly hyped on coffee and enjoy regaling my thoughts and opinions. Surprisingly I am interested in both entertainment news(celebrities, movies, TV and books) as well as current affairs (politics , war and natural disasters). So if you’re interested in either or both you have found your home oh, and I might also add in a few tips and advice but I am in no way qualified to give it so , follow with caution. With all the formalities out of the way , let the games begin.